Does IVA teach opera, jazz and all other styles of music?
No – IVA gives the singer the state of voice needed to sing in any desired style of music.

Can you be too young or too old to start singing?
Not really. If the student can understand the music, they can work to improve their energy and control – and thus be enabled to achieve their goals.

IVA has teachers at different levels. What is the difference?
The levels are achieved through various factors, an important one is the time with IVA. It takes over 10 years to become a master teacher and all teachers are tested every year to ensure that they maintain their skills. For example, only master teachers can rehabilitate damaged voices, but any certified IVA teacher can help singers perform better. He/She will also refer the singer to another teacher if he/she notices that higher level teacher is needed for their singing skills. IVA teachers are a team whose goal is to help their students grow.

Are singers born with the talent to sing?
Some are certainly more talented than others, but as long as you can speak and are not without musical hearing, you can sing.

Are video lessons effective?
It is effective, after you have taken some lessons and familiar with the basic scales and tools, taking a video lesson can save you time and resources from traveling. You can also take lessons while on the move! It is recommended for beginners to take some face to face private lessons before changing into video lessons.

Is the Skype video and sound quality good?
It is good enough when you have a high speed internet connection. Our studio uses high speed internet connection.

How does IVA help to avoid nodules on the vocal cords?
Nodules on the vocal cords develop when singers reach their higher registers by lifting the larynx and tightening the vocal folds. This surge leads to swelling and eventually nodules on the vocal cords. We show singers how these high notes can be achieved without straining the voice. The technique can also steer the course of nodules and help to avoid surgery.