David Cheung Vocal Studio

Founded in 2019, David Cheung Vocal Studio provides vocal training both locally in San Francisco Bay Area and on the internet, with Skype (webcam video chat). He has taught students who are professionals in the IT industry, lead singers serving at churches, and college students.

David is dedicated to helping his students from all ages and backgrounds learn how to sing with a solid and healthy technique. With a student-oriented mindset, David conducts lessons tailored to each specific student’s level, goals, characteristics, and needs. Whether you are a casual singer who sings just for fun, or a serious performer who is trying to improve and expand your skills, it will be a life changing experience when you can sing with solid foundation. You can learn more about the types of lessons David provides from Voice Lessons.

The IVA Method

The IVA method makes singing as easy as speaking and is designed to help each student reach his or her full potential as a vocalist. Each lesson is specifically tailored to YOU and your needs and goals. Learn how to smoothly transition through your registers, access high notes with ease, and develop strength and confidence.

The IVA Method is based on 17th and 18th Century principles of singing developed by the Old Italian School of Singing, which trains voices to sing in a free and natural manner smoothly, from the bottom of the range to the top with no breaks or sudden changes in quality. By focusing on creating a well balanced mix voice, singers will be able to sing healthily and build a very strong foundation, which will help improve their range, endurance, stamina etc. across all styles of music without damaging their voice. Click here for more information.

About David

David is a Level One Certified Instructor of the Institute for Vocal Advancement, an international organization dedicated to the education and integrity of voice teachers around the world. 

David liked to sing from when he was a child. He joined the choir at his junior high school in Hong Kong. David moved to California during his high school years and graduated from San Jose State University with a BFA degree in Digital Media.

During his college years he learnt to play guitar and lead worship singing at the church he attended. After taking voice lessons with IVA teacher Jaco Wong for around one and a half years, he started to develop an interest in vocal coaching. After graduating from college, David worked in the front-end web developer industry for several years and started to realize that he wanted to pursue a different career path. David entered the IVA student teacher program in November 2017, and studied with Master Teachers Kathy Kennedy, Jeffrey Skouson, and Guy Babusek. During the year, he taught students, hosted a singing workshop at the Arise Church of Fremont and obtained his IVA Level One Instructor Certificate in December 2018.

David feels a great sense of achievement and satisfaction when his advice helps friends improve their singing and his students develop from their voice lessons. He sees the many benefits of singing, including improving people’s physical and mental health, and so vocal coaching is not only a career but also as a way to positively impact his community.




A friend I haven’t seen in awhile was so impressed with my improved singing at a karaoke event recently…Everyone there were surprised at my improvement and wanted to learn more about my singing lessons. Taking lessons from David was one of my best investments in 2018!

– Hongdi